Hiring a Band

What You Need to Know

The going rate for a band can cost between $50 and $300 per performer, per hour. You may also find yourself responsible for the band's travel expenses, instrument cartage expense as well as paying for their meals and cocktails.

The price for hiring a band to play at your wedding ceremony and reception will also depend on these factors:

  1. Number of performers
  2. Date (weekday/weekend)
  3. Time (of day)
  4. Location (city and indoor/outdoor wedding site)

If the site you are renting has an in-house band you may be able to save some cash by utilizing these musicians who play at the venue regularly and are familiar with the location's acoustics and electrical quirks. You can also economize by hiring a large band to play at your reception and use a select few of the band members to perform at your ceremony - for example use an electric guitarist who can play classical guitar at the ceremony or a pianist who can double as an organist.

If you're wedding site doesn't have in-house musicians check local newspaper ads, call a local music school or musician's union who can refer experienced wedding performers. And remember - always be sure to check out one of the bands' live gigs before you book them.

If you plan to marry outside make sure to provide adequate shelter for your musicians and their delicate instruments, such as harps, violins, and electrical equipment and microphones. By providing a tent or a covered gazebo for your musicians the performance won't be threatened.

Finally, don't assume that a live band will be welcome at your ceremony or reception site. Permission must be obtained to have a live band in many public parks or conservation areas and noise restrictions may apply.

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