Hiring a DJ

A Wedding Essential

A quality Disk Jockey (or DJ) is as essential to your wedding as the flowers or the dinner menu. The DJ you choose can make or break your wedding if the music doesn't get people up and dancing. If you want to make sure your wedding ceremony music is up to par, you need to make sure you do your research.

There are tens of thousands of DJs to choose from so most marrying couples select their DJ based on a referral from friends, co-workers and family. Also keep your eyes peeled at weddings or events you will be attending.

Separating a professional wedding DJ from a record-spinning basement junkie can help you avoid a wedding with bad music, a DJ who shows up late or not at all, a DJ that doesn't take guest's music requests or a DJ with improper equipment. Once you've gotten a few DJ referrals you should choose a DJ based on the type of entertainment you want rather than concentrating on the price. It's often worth an extra hundred dollars to ensure quality entertainment.

A wedding DJ must be booked as far as 12 to 6 months in advance. To ensure you're booking a professional look for the following:

  • A DJ's personality tends to spill over into their DJ style.
  • Avoid DJs who don't return calls or fail to send requested information.
  • Trust your instincts. If a DJ seems slippery - he probably is.
  • Don't pick a DJ based on the lowest price.
  • Always ask for references.

A professional DJ:

  • Gives written confirmation of your agreement
  • Has back-up equipment in case of emergency
  • Has insurance
  • Provides a resume with experience and references
  • Will meet you in person to talk about music selection
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