How to Save on Wedding Music

Music That Won't Break the Budget

It's true that music is responsible for setting the ambiance of your wedding ceremony and getting the party started at your wedding reception. Bad music could make for a chatty church service or fan an empty dance floor with bored guests at your wedding reception. However, this doesn't mean that your wedding music should break the bank.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to ensure grand wedding music on a tight budget:

  • Check out local universities and music schools for new musicians just looking to play live. Music professors can refer their top students.
  • Ask a talented friend or family member to perform, or DJ, your ceremony or reception.
  • Getting married on a Friday, Sunday or in the off-season means a discount.
  • Use pre-recorded music at your wedding ceremony instead of live musicians.
  • Hiring a DJ instead of a live band at your reception could save you $500 to $2000.
  • If your heart's set on live music limit the number of musicians by half - a violin and flute rather then a 5 piece band.
  • Use the same musicians for your ceremony and reception. Or utilize 1 or 2 musicians (for example a pianist and an acoustic guitarist) at your ceremony and use the entire 5-member band at your reception.
  • Use live musicians only during the cocktail period or for the hour that you're having your wedding photographs taken. Live musicians will give your guests something to focus on in your absence.
  • Lower your costs by excusing your musicians during dinner, when your guests will be concentrating on the food and clanking on the cutlery instead of listening to the music.
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