Wedding Ceremony Music

A Wedding Essential

Music will set the mood for your wedding ceremony. Depending on the atmosphere that you wish to convey - religious, elegant or modern - music should fit with the entire dcor of your wedding from the location, flowers and wedding party attire.

The primary deciding factor for your wedding ceremony music will largely depend on where you plan to marry. If you plan to marry in a church or synagogue you should sit down and discuss your wedding music with the Protestant Minister, Catholic Priest and Jewish Rabbi or Officiate before you even book the location. Many couples who wish to wed in a church or synagogue will be met with strict music policies that may put the kibosh on your desire to have Bryan Adams vocalize your ceremony. Many Catholic and Orthodox Jewish clergy will urge you to use a selection of hymns and religious music as opposed to modern wedding music.

If your ceremony site doesn't inflict music regulations, your wedding ceremony music should still be tasteful - a classic vocalist, organist, string quartet, brass band or jazz montage on CD are all tasteful wedding music selections. Leave the top 40 hits for your wedding reception.

Wedding ceremony music is meant to add to the romantic and spiritual ambience of your wedding - not to overpower it. Wedding music should be just loud enough for your guests to hear as they enter your ceremony site. Guests should be able to chat quietly along with the wedding music prelude (while they're waiting for the ceremony to begin). The wedding processional music should be played louder in order to indicate the wedding ceremony is beginning. Music played during wedding ceremony interludes (ring exchange, lighting the unity candle) should again provide background ambience; while the recessional (wedding party exit music) can be a tune to the prelude and be jubilant in tone.

Popular wedding ceremony music selections include:

  • Pachelbel's 'Canon in D Minor'
  • Handel's 'Water Music'
  • Bach's 'Jesu, Joy or Man's Desiring'
  • Various songs from Frank Sinatra or Stevie Wonder
  • Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'
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