Wedding Speeches

Sharing Sentiments Through a Wedding Speech

Being asked to give a wedding speech is a great honor. You have the opportunity to publicly tell the couple how much they mean to you. Yes, you can express your feelings in a card, but declaring your thoughts before all your loved ones gives your words a special significance. Opportunities such as this come along few and far between - make the most of it.

Traditionally, only the parents of the bride speech, groom's speech and best man's speech were given. Today other speeches are being given during the wedding reception. The maid of honor, the parents of the groom and the bride herself are also taking the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings.

When it comes to writing your speech the key thing to remember are that speeches are essentially long toasts. The same sentiment, words of wisdom and perspective on marriage that are found in a wedding toast are likewise present throughout a speech. However, a wedding speech goes one step further. It takes the time to explore and share our relationship and feelings for the couple with others. And while a wedding toast can provoke our thoughts, a wedding speech can stir our emotions. In fact, a wedding like no other event brings out the best of our emotions: love, joy, pride, hope and a sense of unity. A wedding speech coveys all those feelings and more. The bittersweet sadness of a father "losing" his little girl. The sense of life coming full circle for a grandparent and the anticipation of their new life together by the couple themselves.

A wedding speech is also a public acknowledgement of those who made the wedding a reality. It thanks the parents for their financial contributions. It pays tribute to the hard work and dedication of the wedding party. Lastly, a wedding speech commends those who took care of all the details to make the wedding a success.

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