Insight into Bridal Speeches

Words for the Groom

Traditionally a bride's speech was not given. Her new husband spoke on her behalf during the groom's speech. This oversight is now being remedied as brides everywhere take to the podium to speak their minds. As an unexpected benefit to years of restrictive formality brides have a lot of freedom as it pertains to the content of their speech. There are no set rules as to who you must thank, who to toast or when to give your speech. It's all up to you! That said, the following speech outline is a suggestions only - feel free to customize it.

Start by acknowledging the previous speaker's wedding toast to you. Chances are it will be your maid of honor or the groom's parents. These speeches are also "non-traditional" and therefore don't have a set place in the wedding speech sequence - just as yours doesn't. Most brides choose to give their speech last as a way of offering final thanks for the evening. This leads us to thanking the guests for their attendance and their generosity, that is, their gifts. At this point in the evening all the guests who have traveled far will have been mentioned. As an alternative, perhaps you could thank those long-lost friends or relatives who attended the wedding.

Also thank your wedding party, in particular the bridesmaids and maid of honor (especially if the groom plans to thank the groomsmen and best man in his speech). Be sure to include the flower girl - she'll adore the special attention. Let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work. Also tell them how much they mean to you today and every day. Perhaps share a humorous story of how disaster was diverted by a quick thinking bridesmaid.

Now thank your parents. Describe your fondest childhood memories and what it is about your relationship you value most. Thank them all they've done for you, today and all your life. Be as sentimental and emotional as you like - there's no shame in telling your parents how much you love them. Your wedding is a bittersweet moment for them. A little reassurance that you'll always be their "little girl" will be appreciated.

Your new in-laws are next. First acknowledge any assistance (financial or otherwise) they provided in making your wedding a reality. Then thank them for how they've welcomed you into their family. Describe the moment when you felt you were part of the family and how much it meant to you. Compliment them on what a wonderful son they've raised - then go on to compliment the groom himself.

Not only should you tell your new husband how much you love him, but also why you love him. What makes him so special? Let him and all your guests know. Share the story of when you met (your version of course!) and when you knew "he was the one".

Finish your speech with a toast to the guests thanking them for their generosity, kindness and affection.

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