Maid of Honor Speeches

Saying Congratulations

Traditionally, a maid of honor speech is not given. However, with more maids of honor wanting to publicly thank and congratulate the couple the speeches are becoming increasingly common. As the maid of honor speech is a relatively new concept it doesn't have a set spot in the traditional wedding speech order. Ideally, it should come after the parents of the bride speech, groom's speech and the best man speech. As to whether it comes before of after the parents of the groom speech is up to the discretion of the couple. Regardless of the order, for continuity purposes, the maid of honor should acknowledge the previous speaker's toast and offer a toast of her own to the next speaker.

As the maid of honor speech is a new addition to the wedding speech lineup there are no expectations surrounding your speech. So you can really say anything you want. With that in mind, here is a suggested maid of honor speech outline - feel free to adapt it to suit your style.

Start by thanking the guests that helped with the wedding preparations. This should not include the wedding officiant, caterer or other vendors - the bride's parents will thank them in their speech. Instead, thank those that helped with the reception decorations, made wedding guest favors, addressed wedding invitations and other tasks leading up to and during the wedding. Mention the guest by name; this public acknowledgment will mean a lot to them.

Now talk about your relationship with the bride. You can choose to gently tease the bride, as the best man teases the groom in his speech, or it can be sentimental trip down memory lane. Should you choose the former of these options be careful not to overly embarrass the bride. The idea is to make her laugh in delight, over a foolish past moment, not shame her by reminding her of an incident she'd rather forget. Sharing sentimental memories is the safer and more touching of the two options. Relate the story of how you met the bride, the adventures you've shared and those special moments of true friendship.

Don't forget the groom in your speech! Tell him of the time when you knew he was "the one" for the bride. Let him know what a wonderful guy he is and what a wonderful husband he's sure to become.

If there's time offer some brief words of advice to the couple. This can be drawn from your own experience (if married) or with the help of a relevant quote. A moving poem can also convey feelings that may otherwise be hard to express.

End your speech with a toast to the couple. If another speech is to follow also offer a toast to the next speaker (it will probably be the groom's parents or even the bride herself).

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