Parents of the Bride Speech

Speaking of Pride and Love

The bride's parent's speech (or the father of the bride speech) is traditionally the first speech of the wedding reception. To help set the tone of the evening the bride's parents may open their speech by commenting on how beautiful the ceremony was and relaying any amusing incidents that occurred during the day. Of all the speeches the parents of the bride speech is the most emotional and sentimental.

The first to be thanked are the guests. Make a special mention of the guests who have traveled a great distance to attend the wedding. Next, thank those that helped contribute to the cost of the wedding. Some guests may assume the bride's family paid for the entire wedding as was traditionally done in the past. Simply put, give credit where credit is due. If the groom's family contributed to the costs, this acknowledgment will go a long way in establishing mutual good will and building a strong relationship between the two families. If the couple paid for the wedding themselves, compliment them on their wonderful accomplishment.

As the "unofficial" hosts of the wedding reception the bride's parents can also use their speech to thank the wedding officiant, catering staff and others that made the wedding possible.

This next part of your speech should involve expressing your pride in your daughter. Compliment her on how beautiful she looks and praise her for the incredible woman she's become. Relate your favorite memories of her childhood and your relationship. Most important of all, tell her how much you love her and that while she's now a married woman she'll always be your "little girl". Also praise the groom on how perfectly he complements your daughter. Let him know how happy you are to have him as a son-in-law and formally welcome him to your family.

Now offer some words of wisdom to the couple. This can be a humorous anecdote drawn from experience, a charming quote or proverb or a thoughtful poem. Your advice should provide a lighthearted view on the joys and tribulations of marriage. The speech concludes with a toast to the couple wishing them happiness, prosperity and good health. A toast should also be given to the groom, traditionally the next speaker.

If you decide to have only one person give the speech (usually the father) be sure comments include your partner. As the speech embodies both your thoughts and feelings the bride's parents should stand at the microphone or podium together.

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