Parents of the Groom Speech

Wishing the Couple Well

The groom's parents' speech is a relatively new addition to the wedding speech lineup. Traditionally only three speeches were given: the parents of the bride speech, the groom's speech and the best man's speech. Today, more of the couple's loved ones are taking the opportunity to openly wish the couple well and share words of wisdom. Having raised and loved the groom his entire life the groom's parents have certainly earned the right to give a speech.

Start by acknowledging the toast of the previous speaker. It will likely be the best man or the maid of honor. Now thank the guests. You may want to keep this brief as the guests have been thanked profusely by this point. Perhaps call attention to the guests on your side of the family that traveled far to attend the wedding.

If the bride's parents acknowledged your contributions to the wedding now is the time to reply in kind. If the couple paid for the wedding themselves commend them on their exceptional achievement. Also use this opportunity to honor the joining of the two families. A simple heartfelt message works best. Praise the virtues of your charming new daughter-in-law. Also express your gratitude to the bride's parents at how completely they've welcomed your son into their family. If appropriate, relate a happy incident of when you and your wife's families bonded together as one. In short, express your solidarity with the bride's family.

This next part of your speech is devoted to your son. Tell him how handsome he looks. Compliment him on the success of the wedding. Share some of your favorite memories of the groom's childhood - those moments that feel "just like yesterday". And of course let your son know how much he means to you. Don't be afraid to display your emotions. A wedding is one of those rare events where the guests are expecting some tears!

Now offer some words of wisdom to the couple. This can be a humorous anecdote drawn from experience, a fitting quote or a sweet poem. Your advice should provide a lighthearted view on the joys and tribulations of marriage. Your speech concludes with a toast to the couple's future joy and good fortune. If another speaker is to follow (either the maid of honor or the bride) a toast should also be made in their name.

If you decide to have only one person give the speech (usually the father) be sure your comments include your partner. As your speech expresses both your thoughts and feelings both should stand at the microphone or podium.

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