Wedding Speech Ideas

Unique Ideas for Your Speech

Whether it's stage fright, or simply not knowing what to say, giving a wedding speech is a nerve-wracking ordeal for many people. However, for every reason not to give a regular speech there are even more reasons to give a wedding speech. This isn't just any speech, nor is this just any audience. These are your closest friends and family - they're not there to judge you. In fact, most of the guests will commend you on your willingness to say a few words. Of all the reasons to give a wedding speech the most important is how much it will mean to the bride and groom. Only those closest to the bride are groom give a wedding speech - it's an honor to be asked. By keeping that in mind, giving your speech may be less nerve-wracking (and more fun!) than you first anticipated.

If it's simply a matter of not knowing what to say the more traditional wedding speeches, (including the parents of the bride speech, best man's speech and groom's speech) already have established expectations. The bride's parents' speech is normally sweet and sentimental, the groom's speech is a formal thank you and the best man's speech is the funniest of them all. If your speech doesn't fall into any of these categories don't worry. The following tips and ideas can get you off to a good start:

  • Express your gratitude: whether being honored with a role in the wedding party, or simply being invited to the wedding, let the couple know how much you appreciate being part of their special day.
  • Focus on the bride and groom: share your favorite memories and stories of the bride or groom. These can be humorous or sentimental - it's up to you. Just make sure the stories can be shared - don't spill any secrets!
  • Nothing offensive: keep the stories and jokes appropriate - keep in mind the differences in age and background of the guests.
  • Compliments all around: tell the couple how beautiful they look, why they make such a great a couple and how wonderful the wedding has been. Feel free to compliment those that had a hand in the wedding's success: the parents, the wedding party and others.
  • Keep it relevant: ensure your speech can be enjoyed by all. Don't slant your content to one side of the family only and no inside jokes.
  • Words of wisdom: whether it's an anecdote from personal experience, a humorous quote or a sentimental poem offer a lighthearted opinion on the ups and downs of marriage.
  • Cheers: offer a wedding toast to the couple or others that deserve the extra attention.

Keep your wedding speech to 3-5 minutes long. As a last word of advice, don't be afraid to display your emotions. It shows the true depth of your love for the couple for which you should never feel ashamed.

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